6 best CRM call center software- 2022

CRM call center software

In addition to providing tools for contact and lead management, customer relationship management (CRM) call center software also provides telephonic features that let you organize and track calls as well as create call-centric analytics reports. The top providers of CRM call center software offer these features at a reasonable cost. Here, we compared a large number of CRM call center systems before settling on our top six.

What is CRM Software?

It’s a platform that links all of your departments—from marketing to sales to customer service—and compiles all of their notes, tasks, and analytics into a single, seamless framework. Each user has quick, direct access to the current customer information they require.

Sales/Analytical CRM

Online analytical processing (OLAP) technology and data mining modules are also included in the software, which makes predictions, charts, graphs, and reports possible. HubSpot, Zendesk, and Zoho are a few analytic CRMs as examples.


Customer relationship management (CRM) for call centers is a technology solution that gives staff members rapid access to account data and history, enabling them to service customers with current and pertinent information. This enables agents to deliver a real-time, tailored client experience over voice, online, and social channels.

Advantages of call center CRM

Call center CRM software enables contact center agents to easily and instantly access information to provide customers with pertinent information over the phone and through other support channels. The time that would normally be spent gathering the same information that a customer had already provided can be saved by both agents and customers by having this knowledge on hand.

Our top options and their ideal use scenarios are as follows:

  1. Freshsales: Overall, the best option for firms seeking an easy-to-use, configurable CRM along with the crucial calling features for sales enablement.
  2. Agile CRM: Best for teams that communicate with customers through a variety of channels and applications.
  3. Zoho CRM: The best choice for small businesses seeking an effective, affordable CRM with call center features.
  4. Nextiva: Excellent option for businesses seeking reliable call center automation tools
  5. Bitrix24: Suitable for companies that seek project management tools along with call center functionalities.
  6. Voicent: a great option for businesses seeking advanced call center services like auto-dialing, phone surveys, and call routing

1. Freshsales:

An easy-to-use CRM, Freshsales by Freshworks, includes cloud telephony options like call queues, click-to-call features, call recording, and automatic incoming call routing. Sales call and team performance data are among the call center’s user-friendly tools. Additionally, it includes a mobile app that enables you to make calls while on the go, record calls, and associate calls with contacts, deals, or accounts.

You can sign up for Freshdesk Contact Center (free or starting at $15 per agent, per month) if you want access to more sophisticated call center services. The Freshworks platform’s clever call center software provides more call center features like vanity numbers, international phone numbers, call blocking, voice bots, and abandoned call metrics.

Freshsales provides a fantastic pricing point for a CRM system with reliable fundamental call center functions for small enterprises. The price of numerous agents, the volume of calls, the length of each contact, and the membership fees for Freshsales and Freshdesk Contact Center, however, may increase. For more information on the intricacies of your entire operational costs, check out its Call Center Estimator. As an alternative, take into account Zoho CRM or Agile CRM for straightforward CRM call center software solutions with more affordable cost structures.

2. Agile CRM

You may make and receive calls directly from your CRM by integrating Agile CRM with outside phone tools. Voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) service providers like Twilio, CounterPath, Skype, and RingCentral are a few of these well-liked connections. With its improved caller ID, you can learn current details about a caller even before you answer the phone. Additionally, call scripts, voicemail drops, and call forwarding are included in its call automation features.

Agile CRM’s calling capabilities are exclusively accessible in its two top tiers, in contrast to Freshsales and Bitrix24, which both include telephony connectors and functionalities with their free plans. Aside from that, only its Enterprise package comes with its post-call automation, call recording, and voicemail features.

3. Zoho CRM:

Both free and premium plans with generous features are available from Zoho CRM. It offers an integrated phone system that lets you purchase local or toll-free lines and give specific outgoing numbers to each of your agents. With this solution’s integration with Zoho Desk, you have free access to email ticketing and help desk features. Additionally, you can link it up with other phone and PBX applications like Ring.io, Amazon Connect, and Zoho PhoneBridge.

Since Zoho CRM is a comprehensive sales system with a wide range of capabilities, getting around its extensive features might be difficult. Consider using Voicent or another less complex call center software solution if you prefer using one.

4. Nextiva

With its business communication plans, Nextiva unifies collaboration features including chat, video, and phone calls into a single app. Its features include call forwarding, screen sharing, limitless high definition (HD) calling, and personalized caller ID. Although it doesn’t operate like a conventional CRM, it has great automation tools that let you send emails to new leads, prioritize cases with unfavorable customer feedback, and deploy surveys after calls.

Although Nextiva is a great tool for managing corporate communications, if your company needs advanced customer care functions, it might not be the ideal option for you. If so, have a look at Bitrix24 or Freshsales, which both provide free and budget-friendly CRM call center software solutions.

5. Bitrix24

A CRM system with integrated project management capabilities that may be utilized for particular call center tasks is called Bitrix24. For instance, you can include tasks for incoming calls in a project. For answered and missed calls that are recorded in the contact center, you can also automatically create leads. Additionally, you may link calls to deals by connecting your phone to your CRM.

This option is excellent if you require additional tools for website design and human resources. You can call your team or clients straight from your CRM software thanks to its telephonic functionality. Before you make a call, you can quickly retrieve pertinent contact information like a company’s position or order specifics.

Zoho CRM provides features for managing human resource duties, much like Bitrix24 does. Because it can create Gantt charts and Kanban boards, Bitrix24 has an advantage when it comes to project management tools. It does not, however, provide phone customer service, and beginners may find its user interface to be daunting. On the other hand, Freshsales boasts a user-friendly interface and unlimited assistance.

6. Voicent

A communication platform called Voicent has a built-in CRM with simple contact and lead management features. It has call center-specific technologies including an auto-dialer, IVR, and automated outbound phone surveys that help increase agent efficiency. Additionally, it connects with SugarCRM, Zoho CRM, and Salesforce CRM systems.

Voicent has a number of noticeable drawbacks, including a lack of a mobile app, a dearth of third-party connectors, and few customization choices. Additionally, no online marketing campaign tools are provided. Other call center capabilities like email campaigns, workflow automation, and inbound call center caller ID come at an additional cost. Choose Agile CRM or Zoho CRM if you require a customized CRM with phone features and more customization options.


How much is call center software?

The software services for contact centers A full system that controls inbound and outbound phone calls offers skills-based routing along with a predictive dialer and streamlines product tracking and mass mailing is typically priced between $59 and $119 per agent, per month, for most medium-sized businesses.

What is inbound call center software?

What is software for inbound call centers? Inbound call center software covers the needs of operating a fully-fledged contact center or support center of a firm with effective call routing, matching the appropriate agents to call questions and crucial automated responses to L1 queries.

How does a call center system work?

Customers can communicate their demands or complaints to a firm through a call center. In call centers, customer support and service employees take calls from clients who require assistance with a particular problem.

How much do call tools cost?

Most quotes for CallTools’ cost end up being $99 per month. Comparatively speaking, this is fairly pricey compared to alternative call center software like Aircall, which only costs $30 per user each month. At $29 per month, Zendesk has a comparable price point.

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