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Digiknight technologies inc

Digiknight Technologies Inc. is a vibrant digital marketing firm based in Kolkata, India. It was established by two seasoned marketers. who recognized the potential to offer Indian firms high-quality digital marketing services. As a result, the business has established itself as one of Kolkata’s most reputable digital marketing firms. But we take on customers from all around the nation.

BCP service provision

In an effort to give its clients the best service possible, Digiknight Technologies Inc. Their growth and innovation are ongoing. Their services take into account these needs as the world of digital marketing is always changing. Your dependable digital marketing partner in India is DigiKnight BCP.

DigiKnight Technologies INC was established in 2000 and focuses on site design, mobile app development, and digital marketing. Businesses may expand and prosper online with the help of our team of skilled experts.

What services will Digiknight BCP offer?

as a way to guarantee both the security of your data and the continuation of your business. You should have a thorough business continuity plan in place to ensure business continuation (BCP). DigiKnight Technologies INC steps in at this point. BCP services are offered as assistance. It is crucial for you to safeguard your data and business.

The following services are offered by us:

storing and restoring data

Backup for servers and disaster recovery

Spam protection and email continuity

Web application security

How Do Server Backups Function?

A server backup stores the data on your server. moving data from your server to a different place. Use of a local hard disk is possible for this. use a cloud-based storage service or an offsite storage facility.

Your server should have backups. You can restore your data if you want to. If the server is ever destroyed or lost, it could be lost or lost.

Email continuity and spam filtering

Every organization must prepare for the possibility of data loss or system failure. Damage that is beyond repair may be caused by user error, software breakdowns, and hardware malfunctions. Should a disaster occur. Making a backup of your server is crucial. A disaster recovery plan reduces downtime and data loss.

We’ll talk about making a plan for server backups and disaster recovery throughout this post. That will be your best option based on your requirements. We will offer a selection of businesses. Plans for server backup and disaster recovery have been implemented effectively.

Web application security

Email continuity is the act of continuing to use an email account even after it has been closed. Changes are made to ESP (email service provider). You can keep the previous email addresses. whatever ESP they choose to use.

Email continuity serves as a defense against spam filtering. when someone stops using their previous email address. Perhaps not, especially for new ESPs. The email might be blocked out because it wasn’t determined to be spam. As a result, the recipient can encounter serious issues. Exist any individuals whose contacts might not be able to send them critical emails?

In this essay, we’ll talk about spam filtering and email continuity. They might have an effect on your company. You can evade spam filtering by using our advice to make sure your spam is not noticed. You should make sure that your receivers receive your emails.

Creating a business continuity plan

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is basically a technique to preventing and eliminating dangers. That is viewed as a possible customer by a company. Planning, however, is a sure thing. Workers and residents tend to want to be protected. They can act fast in the event of a calamity.

Before a BCP is created, all risks must be identified without exception. Right now, this might have an impact on both how the business is being run and how it provides services. Additionally, it plays a significant role in the organization’s risk management procedure. Risks could be connected to disasters. This can be brought on by either a cyberattack or a weather-related event like a fire.

The potential risks to the company.

A BCP is a strategy for detecting and removing potential hazards to an organization. However, the plan necessitates employee participation. As a result, homes are secure and capable of operating normally in the case of an emergency.

Recognizing all hazards without exception is a component of BCP. The operations of the company can suffer as a result. Despite being a crucial component of risk management, it is not the sole one. There are also many different kinds of threats, such natural calamities.

LiveMint Digital Marketing Analytics & Reporting Suite

For digital marketers and agencies, the company’s LiveMint Digital Marketing Analytics & Reporting Suite is an all-in-one marketing analytics and reporting software solution. This program provides information on a campaign’s performance, including social media, email marketing, SEO, and analytics for websites and mobile apps.

Additionally, it enables customers to transmit their data to additional tools like CRM software, Google Analytics, and others. Data from social media is gathered and examined using Digiknight’s data collecting tools for monitoring and analyzing social media usage.

The process of gathering social data is automated using social media data collection technologies. Various social media networks are analyzed using social media data gathering technologies. Monitoring social media campaigns involves the use of social media data collection techniques.

Online Inventory Management System Tonosuru Yam

Tonosuru Yam Online Inventory Management Suite from the business is a B2B inventory management solution. Businesses can manage their inventory, orders, and customers all in one location thanks to this inventory management tool. Additionally, it offers information on a company’s stock, orders, and clients. END.

A Look into Digiknight Technologies Inc. and the World of Digital Marketing

Leading supplier of digital marketing solutions, such as digital advertising, media planning, and management software, is Digiknight Technologies Inc.

The biggest publishers and marketers in the world, including Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, Microsoft, AOL, and other pioneers in digital marketing, employ their goods and services.

They also provide other digital marketing services like ad network monitoring, social media monitoring tools, and data collection tools for social media usage analysis and monitoring.

This article examines the company’s offerings, including the third-party inventory management solutions offered by Tonosurveyam Online Inventory Management Suite, inventory management solutions offered by Digiknight Technologies Inc., digital advertising management solutions offered by AMP Digital Marketing Management Solutions, digital marketing analytics and tracking software offered by LiveMint Digital Marketing Analytics & Reporting Suite, and digital marketing analytics and software provided by Digiknight Technologies Inc.


For more than ten years, Digiknight Technologies Inc. has been in operation. We are a full-service video production firm with a focus on all facets of producing videos for television and online. In addition to digital asset management and video archiving services, we provide creative services for the production of commercials, documentaries, corporate, and event videos. We are based in Saint John, New Brunswick, and provide services across the entire country as well as in the US and other countries. To learn more about our services, kindly get in touch with us.

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