6 best Email Marketing CRM Software 2022

Email Marketing: CRM Software

CRM and automation are critical components of email marketing. Only those marketers who practice automating monotonous processes achieve sky-high productivity and ROI.

Marketers can benefit greatly from email marketing combined with CRM. But the proper CRM platform is necessary.

Therefore, today’s topic is CRM software with email marketing capabilities.

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Numerous CRM platforms offer email marketing capabilities. If you read them all, your brain will begin to flash “information overload.” The best tools have been gathered for you. Before we move on to the list, a word. A quick definition of email automation and CRM email marketing should come first. Let’s start now!

What is email automation?

Ans: Email automation is the practice of sending timed or event-based emails. Email automation ensures that your campaign is pertinent and effective, regardless of whether your objectives are to nurture new leads, offer blog updates, or send personalized birthday greetings.

Keep in mind that email automation differs from manually sent email blasts or broadcasts to subscribers. A certain action done by the subscriber activates an automatic email. Using email automation makes it easier to communicate with your subscribers.

An abandoned cart email or a welcome email are two instances of email automation. You can cross off boring things from your to-do list with email automation. Email automation is fantastic because, once it's set up, you hardly ever need to do anything to keep it operating.

Check out these data to see how effective email automation is:

  • Generic emails have open rates that are 70.5% lower than automated emails.
  • Businesses who employ email automation software generate leads 2X more effectively than those who solely use blast email services.
  • You may double the reply rates to outreach and follow-up emails by automating them.
  • You may enhance sales by 10% or more by nurturing prospects with automated, well-timed emails.
  • The open rates of personalized automated email messages are 46% higher than those of other conventional marketing messages.
  • Software for email marketing automation is used by 55% of online merchants. (Emailmonday)

Email automation is therefore quite efficient, but how does CRM come into the equation?

What is CRM email marketing?
Ans: CRM is a tactic for organizing a business's communications with leads and clients. To coordinate, automate, and synchronize sales and marketing processes, CRM software is used.

CRM email marketing combines email marketing with customer relationship management software. This enables direct engagement with customers and potential customers and improves personalisation. CRM email marketing focuses, in essence, on the individual receiving the email rather than a broad audience.

Businesses may customise each message, discover the purchasing behaviors of their customers, and even predict their future purchases with CRM email marketing. Quite amazing, huh?

What is the best email marketing service with CRM?

Here’s our list of the best CRMs that have email marketing functionality:

  1. Sendinblue most affordable email software with CRM
  2. ActiveCampaign best small business marketing automation CRM
  3. Benchmark Email easiest email marketing tool with built-in CRM to get started with
  4. Keap best email CRM for advanced automation
  5. Engagebay best email CRM for tracking and analytics
  6. Hubspot best CRM software with a full platform of apps

1. Sendinblue

Using email campaigns, transactional emails, and sophisticated email automation, Sendinblue enables organizations to create and expand partnerships.

To customize workflows, precisely maintain your contact list, and send emails based on page visits, the software has email automation features.

You can automatically resend campaigns to contacts who didn’t open them the first time with Sendinblue. Additionally, it provides sophisticated email marketing features including send-time optimization. The optimal time to deliver your email newsletters is determined by an algorithm used by this feature. helpful for raising email open rates.

To improve your workflow, Sendinblue also comes with 8 automation blueprints and 40+ email templates. Sendinblue can be quickly integrated with eCommerce software, CMS systems, and other business solutions.

Sendinblue Pricing: Their free plan is generous with 300 emails per day and unlimited contacts. Pricing starts at $25/month for 10,000 emails, AB testing, and advanced statistics.

2. ActiveCampaign

A marketing automation software with a built-in CRM is called ActiveCampaign. Automate contact management, email marketing campaigns, and post-sale process improvement. Worldwide, more than 150,000 companies use the ActiveCampaign platform.

The mix of clever features sets ActiveCampaign apart from its rivals. The marketing automation tools, which include a built-in CRM with sales automation, are linked to email and messaging.

The tool tracks many marketing channels to keep an eye on activities at various touchpoints. Making multichannel marketing workflows and automating follow-up sequences are now your responsibility.

Over 870 applications are integrated with ActiveCampaign. These apps cover a wide range of topics, including accounting and landing page builders. Including Pipedrive, Thinkific, Jotform, Shopify, Unbounce, and numerous other applications.

With conditional content, ActiveCampaign allows you to tailor emails to each contact. For instance, based on the pages the contact views on your website, show alternative graphics or text blocks in an email.

ActiveCampaign marketing CRM automation

Use conditional content, for instance, to show only the products that the subscriber has previously interacted with during a sales promotion.

The visual automation campaign builder is the main issue that the majority of consumers experience with marketing automation systems. There are some tools that don’t have a visual builder, and there are times when they’re incredibly complicated. ActiveCampaign confronts the problem squarely. You can easily comprehend and use the drag-and-drop flowchart tool to design automation workflows.

ActiveCampaign Pricing 
They have a 14-day free trial and pricing starts at $9/month for 500 contacts with the Lite plan.

3. Benchmark Email

A lightweight CRM is integrated into the straightforward email marketing platform Benchmark Email. In addition to email templates, forms, landing pages, and automation capabilities, it offers a drag-and-drop email editor. The tool’s biggest feature is how simple it is to use and how well-rounded the customer assistance is.

More than 1500 business products, including LiveChat, Stripo, Shopify, and WooCommerce, can be integrated with Benchmark Email. Without copying and pasting codes, their WordPress plugin makes it simple to add forms to your website.

Benchmark Email sends automated email sequences by using triggers. Send a welcome email to a customer who joins your email list, as an illustration. Additionally, the app provides a number of templates to aid in converting subscribers into buyers.

Benchmark Email CRM follow-up sequence

The tool also has a lightweight customer relationship management system with contact profiles that include email engagement data. 

Other features to note are A/B testing, contact list management, real-time reports, polls, surveys, and social media integration.

Benchmark Email Pricing
The free plan includes 500 contacts and 3500 emails per month. Pricing starts at $13/month for 500 contacts and unlimited emails. 

4. Keap (Infusionsoft)

An all-in-one CRM software with robust automation features is Keap (previously Infusionsoft). Use it for payments, landing sites, SMS, emails, and other things. Over 200,000 clients have received service from Keap during its more than 20 years in operation. Because it is so helpful in maintaining customer data organization, the majority of customers prefer it.

Designing funnels, making segments, and automating marketing campaigns will help you capture and convert leads. Keap is fantastic for bottom-of-the-funnel tasks as well. To create follow-up emails that can be customized, choose to get paid more quickly. The best feature of Keap is the ability to combine all of your client data into a one dashboard.

Keap CRM with email marketing sales pipeline

The functions offered by Keap sales and marketing automation are robust. You’ll utilize them to automate repetitive operations and save time. Automated reminders, drip email campaigns, and follow-up following transactions are all examples of automations.

The best thing is that you can customize each of these messages by using automation rules and segmentation.

Additionally, Keap provides a powerful reporting and analytics interface. There are various reports for lead generation, sales, marketing, and income. These data sets can be visualized to help you get insightful information and manage your business.

Keap Pricing
You can get started with a 14-day free trial to test the system. All paid plans include 24/7 support, unlimited emails, and access to 1:1 coaching. Your price goes up as your contact list grows. 

5. Engagebay

An all-inclusive business platform is Engagebay. CRM, marketing automation, helpdesk software, and live chat software are its four main services. You can select the functions you require or purchase the entire package. We’ll concentrate on its CRM and marketing automation for this evaluation.

They began in 2018 and currently serve over 12,000 clients. It reduces the number of programs you need to use for marketing, sales, and support while also providing numerous services for free. It is easy to learn, and switching from other tools is painless.

Sales dashboard Engagebay CRM with email marketing

A free CRM from Engagebay provides functions including automatic data entry, targeted marketing, email templates, and pipeline visualization. You’ll have more features with the subscription plan, including support for several currencies, sales automation, contact management, and customized reporting. It will be simple for you to gather, organize, and use contact information.

You may automate tasks, emails, workflows, lead creation, and lead nurturing using marketing automation. Designing automation processes using the drag and drop builder is simple. To quickly create effective workflows, just pick and move pieces into the builder. Additionally, Engagebay offers intelligent consumer segmentation and predictive lead scoring.

Engagebay Pricing
Engagebay has a free plan with 500 contacts and 1000 emails. Pricing starts at $11.99 per month for 1000 contacts and 3000 emails. All plans have email and chat support.

6. Hubspot

HubSpot is a CRM software that combines marketing automation, a content management system, and sales. It does away with the requirement for outside software. But as your email list and needs expand, it becomes extremely expensive. Many consumers are now searching for Hubspot alternatives. As you choose, take this into consideration.

Integrating processes is simple to do with Hubspot’s marketing automation. In order to move prospects through the marketing and sales funnel, it provides email drip marketing automation.

HubSpot has the amazing feature of allowing you to automate many different processes. Utilize the workflow templates provided to manage bulk data, send emails, create tasks, score prospects, and do a lot more things quickly and easily.

Additionally, HubSpot offers comprehensive analytics to assist you in monitoring and receiving in-depth reports on each of your marketing channels and customer groups.

Hubspot Pricing
In the free Hubspot plan, you can store 1,000,000 contacts and send 2000 emails per month. Pricing starts at $50/month for 1000 contacts with marketing, CRM, CMS, service, and operations tools.

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