Sikles hydropower IPO opening range

Sikles hydropower IPO opening range:

Short for Sikles Hydropower Limited, or SLHL. It recently released an offer letter for the general public as part of its first public offering (IPO). From 29th Bhadra 2079, the Company will issue 11,50,000 unit shares with a Rs. 100 face value (14th September 2022).

As we are aware, it recently published the Offer Letter to distribute 8,50,000 units of IPO Shares to the Kaski District residents who will be impacted by the project (Madi VDC Ward no 1 2 and 3). However, Sikles is currently considering issuing 11,50,000 units of IPos, of which the general public will be able to apply for 10,58,000. The remaining 92000 units will be used by employers and mutual funds.

In light of this, the Sikles company plans to raise Rs. 11,50 crore after the IPO Issuance. Each share is worth Rs. 100, and applicants are allowed to request up to 10,000 units at once. So why not apply now and see if you get lucky? Use the attached links below to view the Sikles IPO result and share the allotment status.

How to check IPO result

Sikles hydropower IPO opening range

Ipo Result2079/Asoj/11
Book value in 77/7816.82
Opening RangeRs.116.86-Rs. 350.58
Company conditionGood(will be distributed bonus in this year)

Sikles hydropower IPO opening range

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