Tukucha Rive Nepal Update – 2022

Tukucha Rive Nepal Update

A crew from Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) dug the Jai Nepal Cinema Hall complex and discovered the Tukucha River’s original path.

The Tukucha River was discovered after 15 feet of digging with a dozer on the grounds of the hall, corresponding to the markings made by the metropolis on the map. In this region, the Tukucha River, which originated in the Narayanhiti Darbar region, had vanished.

Since then, the locals have demanded excavation, claiming that buildings have been constructed by encroaching upon the river.

The city had sent out a notice on July 28 ordering the removal of the Tukucha River’s encroachment. The metropolis has begun excavation and search operations in the vicinity of the encroached territories following the expiration of the 35-day notice.

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